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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's been a while ... again...

just thought I would drop in and tell you that I am now on a 'maintenance' phase of the HCG protocol... I have lost over 40lbs, and it is great! Can't wait to lose more...

HCG in the first few weeks can be ridiculously hard, but eventually it gets better, and gets to a point that you are used to eating almost nothing... although when I went to Phase 3 (the phase I am now on) it was REALLY nice to eat some eggs!

The Idea of Phase 3 is that you take 3 weeks for your body to stabilize and 'right' itself.  So you can eat whatever you choose, till you are satisfied, as long as it has no added sugar, and is not a starch... so it's been really good to eat some cheese, along with eggs, and whatever fruit I want!

I think the best part is that along with resetting my body, it has reset my pallet as I needed everything super sweet... and now even a good blueberry is sweet enough!

anyways, hope all is well wherever you are, keep going if you are attempting something that seems impossible, every time you persevere in your short-term goals you make the seemingly impossible long-term goal possible!  And if you aren't attempting anything challenging, perhaps you should start cuz your life must boring!


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